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NextGear Capital provide a tailored facility for franchised dealers across the UK and Ireland providing them with a cost-effective and simple way to fund their used vehicle's stock in conjunction with your current funding facility. 

Our Franchise Stocking Plan has many benefits and our goal is to help franchised dealers around the UK and Ireland to Make More Profit. 

We also offer Franchise+ to further improve the flow of vehicle stock within UK franchise dealerships. 

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Franchised Dealer Stocking Plan Features 

Fund vehicles purchased direct from our network Some description
Fund Part Exchanges / Trade Vehicles Some description
Free up cash flow Some description
100% of hammer price / Trade value funded  Some description
VAT funded  Some description
Fast, Simple, Secure and Paperless Some description
24/7 access to your Stocking Plan Some description
120-day facility  Some description

Approved Network – No Cash Outlay

The used vehicle Stocking Plan provides a franchised dealer with access to a large approved network where they can fund bought vehicles immediately with no cash outlay.  The simplicity of this approach results in stock being on a forecourt faster and retail ready. Find out more 

Load Part Exchanges…or vehicles bought from other sources

NextGear Capital has an approved network of partners to use your Stocking Plan but vehicles sourced from elsewhere can simply be loaded on to the Stocking Plan through an easy to use online platform.  Vehicles can include existing forecourt stock, part exchanges or vehicles from traders. Wherever you source your stock we can fund it. 

Free Up Cash Flow

As our Stocking Plans are available to use on a ‘Pay as You Go’ basis, you can use NextGear Capital to release cash for better use elsewhere in your business.  We don’t lend you a lump sum of money, instead, you are only charged for vehicles that are on your stocking plan. By improving cash flow you can focus on driving online or physical customer interest. 

100% of Hammer Price or Trade Value

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Funding 100% of the hammer price, including disbursements for 7 days, means our franchised dealers don’t need to have any cash up front simplifying your cash flow processes in your dealership. To fund a vehicle with NextGear Capital our approved partner network simply add your vehicle to your Stocking Plan at the click of a button, faster than paying by debit card! 

When adding vehicles you have directly sourced outside of our approved network we will fund 100% of the Trade value.  Our simple approach to giving you 100% funding reduces additional cash you have to invest and as you pay on a per vehicle basis it makes the process simple to manage. To fund a vehicle with NextGear Capital our approved partner network simply add your vehicle to your Stocking Plan at the click of a button, faster than paying by debit card!

VAT Funded

Funding the VAT provides franchised dealers with more available cash to focus on the other areas to invest money and make more profit.  VAT is funded on all qualifying vehicles and LCVs and for our Franchise+ product, it is also funded on courtesy cars, sales cars and demonstrators. 

Paper Free and Industry Leading Technology

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Our technology makes your wholesale stocking even easier. We use DocuSign, a simple online electronic signature, to speed up the initial contractual element and to be more environmentally friendly. To find out more about DocuSign visit our help topic here. Find out more

Our online platform for managing your stock is easy to use and for when you get started we have some easy to follow ‘How To’ guides.  With our constant focus on ‘Dealer Stocking Simplified’ and providing excellent customer service, we are always looking to go the extra mile. 

24/7 Access

The Stocking Plans available at NextGear Capital are supported with industry-leading technology meaning you have the best technology to simplify your wholesale stocking alongside 24/7 access to give you greater freedom for managing your business.  

Rolling Stocking Plan Limit

NextGear Capital Stocking Plans provide you with an approved limit available for you to utilise for your wholesale needs.  When loading vehicles on to your Stocking Plan you are charged for each vehicle reducing associated costs when you are not investing your stocking facility with vehicles providing you with a return. These vehicle level fees enable you to monitor the cost associated with each sale to increase the awareness of profit on a per vehicle basis.  There are some associated account level fees.

120 Day Facility

A Franchise Used Vehicle Stocking Plan is available for up to 150 days.  The technology provided gives you clear visibility of how long a vehicle has been on your Stocking Plan to help manage your stock turn. 



At NextGear Capital we are delighted to be introducing a brand new product exclusively for UK franchised dealers. 

Franchise+ is an alternative, simple funding option for your courtesy cars, sales cars and demonstrators.  It results in easier, self-administered stock control and we help to create an improved flow of used vehicle stock for your dealership. 

Our new Franchise+ product works in tandem with our used vehicle wholesale stocking facility you currently have giving you even more flexibility with your vehicle stock.

Franchise+ will provide your dealership with:

  • Greater flexibility and stock control

  • Ability to fund 100% of wholesale value for your courtesy, sales and demo vehicles

  • VAT funded on these vehicles

  • Up to 300 days stocking facility: 180 days for your courtesy, sales and demonstrator vehicles and 150 days for your used stock

  • Simple transfer process in one online system


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